V.2: She is dressed in glittering black leather jacket, trousers, has long straight light- brown hair and big green eyes; he's also in his "working" clothes (leather, equipped), also long-haired, slim, tall, handsome. For a short moment they meet each other's eyes, it's a flashing white-yellow-pink beam between them, shaking them, especially her; it's shown how she at once gets shocked and turned away by some outer force, and then she loses him from her sight.

V.3: We see a small grey airplane, kinda military vertical takeoff/landing plane with a single tail rudder (like Harrier), with two turbo-fan engines under the wings, piloted by a yellow-grey skeleton, it starts gliding behind the man's red car (not shown on what side his driver's seat is, or on the left side, or both variations are shown in turn). From the front circuits of the plane's aeroengine tubes appear scythes swinging above the car. The man sometimes looks behind and sees the Death ghost, he's a bit afraid and sometimes adds throttle.

V.4: A typical British Airways airplane is flying in the sky (with a white top, black bottom and a red arrow painted on the black along the board), from left to right. We see the man's face in a window, he's a passenger. Suddenly behind the plane appears a ghost covered with a white sheet with two cuts for eyes. The ghost stretches its hand forward and grabs the red arrow off the plane's board, begins to wave it like a scythe and strikes with it the plane's wing. The plane begins to slide with its right wing down, goes down in a slow spin, and it looks like the machine has gone out of control completely. We see the girl watching it from aside, her face gets pale, she begins to rub her sweating forehead with her hand - there is a green light shining from it, she kinda covers her forehead and eyes with her hand not to see the plane, - but then we see her numbed with glassy eyes, peering at the ghost and the plane, there appears a stable green beam from her eyes and forehead, and then the ghost puts the red arrow back on the plane's board, and the plane's attitude immediately gets corrected, the plane gradually recovers its altitude and proceeds the flight.

V.5: The girl is still scared by the passed experience and shaking, falls down upon her bed, face into the pillow, afraid of looking into the camera, and bursts with bitter tears. Then she is shown on the driver's seat of her light-amber glistening car, alone; there appears a pink flash outside, ahead and left above her car, and then she, in a gloomy and desperate state, turns her wheel right and crashes into a wall, smth like a small stone building, but we see mainly a white cloud expanding after her crash. Then this white cloud turns out to be a picture symbolizing thoughts going from her head, and disappears quickly.

V.6-V.7: She is sitting in her working room, it looks like a typical room at an upper (about 35th) floor in a tall tower-shaped building, with a big (almost over the whole wall, 3x3 ms) window, including a big (2ms in vertical, 2.5m in horizontal direction) single frame, and there's a perfectly- transparent, clear and glistening (entire) glass in it. The room is equipped with several control panels, her seats are disposed facing the window.

On her computer's monitor she sees an image of her man's plane, then the picture on the monitor suddenly becomes unstable and the plane disappears. She gets scared and begins to shake, tries to locate the plane again... Outside is dark blue night, inside is yellow electric light; all colours are suspiciously clear, juicy, extremely contrasting, all details very sharp and tangible. Then they begin to look as if especially outlined in black ink, everything growing blacker and turning into an accentuatedly- graphic picture of two main colours - ink-black and yellow, a black halo surrounding the yellow lamp as fear grows stronger - the plane's course doesn't give any hope on survival, the tragic black halo begins to consume all the light around the lamp...

The girl is totally crazed and pale, trying to press all possible keys on her panel of remote control for her man's flight, finds the plane on the screen in a very dangerous attitude, nosediving above a dark forest, looking like everything is fixed, - she tries to change it and to control the rudders and ailerons herself, but the system doesn't show any reaction on her commands...

Then we direct our camera straight into the window, leave the building and approach to the plane itself, it's a very bright and beautiful small (5 or 8 seats) aircraft with 2 turbo-fan engines by its sides, above the wings, juicily coloured in black, red and white (mainly horizontally), smth between a BAe business class plane, Hawk and Sessna CitationJet. (Why "5 or 8" - I mean, 2 seats in the pilot's cabin, 3 in the second row, and 3 in the third row, or cargo instead of people there).

We almost never see the interior of the plane; the man is alone there, piloting and not coping, the plane is falling down in a right spin. She, with shaking hands, pushes the last possible button, and he is immediately catapulted from the plane. The next second the plane explodes after nosediving into the forest; the pilot slowly lands with a parachute. She is pale and numb, sorry for the lost plane, happy for the saved life of her man, frightened by the fact that she was unable to control the system successfully, glad for at least one command that she gave - catapult - was fulfilled...

CHORUS: Various quick pictures, including her in her pilot's chair with seat belts fastened, with her face into the camera, making an aileron roll, her hair shaking and swinging correspondingly, and her state is smth like it's impossible to stop this madness.

V.8: He wakes up in his bed, sun is shining; he walks out of his (small, 1- or 2- floored) house, it's a warm (hot) and clear summer day, his way goes along pleasant green alleys, but a black raven appears above his head and pursues him wherever he walks. He notices the raven and it scares him, - he looks around and sees nobody to explain to him what is happening and what to do; he feels lonely, disorganized and helpless.

V.9: He is riding his bike (motorcycle) at a high speed, trying to change his mood, and sometimes sees a typical Death ghost covered with a white sheet, waving a scythe in its hand, flying behind his bike. But those visions only glimpse, appearing and disappearing suddenly and quickly. Then, his (light-crimson) car is shown standing, he's on the driver's seat on the left side, and a more heavy, slow and doomy thing, kinda black 3-meter-winged bat, or like a wrap, begins to develop hanging above the car, throws a shadow on it and doesn't seem to ever go.

V.10-beg.V.11: We see the man flying on his car-sized machine, with narrowly- spread wings, - some compact vertical takeoff/landing model. He is flying above a forest at night. His machine is silvery, glittering and glimmering, but on the dark-blue and black background it looks almost the same dark. The only bright lights are its two back jet engine circuits and fares on the front side, and they almost don't shine upon the machine itself, only on its a bit sharpened nose. We see the pilot (due to our own beam of light from the camera), he's alone in his machine, his head is in a round helmet, hands in thick gloves, seat belts are fastened, and his face looks like everything is O.K.

In the same forest we see the girl sitting in a small cabin, placed at about 15 meters above the ground on some posts (uncertainly); she is sitting at her control panel and watching the sky through a tube. She looks for a bird to shoot down for her supper, a frying pan is on fire, in her thoughts - in a white cloud from her head - is an image of a killed bird lying on its back. We see through her target circle; at some moment within it appears a flying black bird on a dark-blue background; and next we see the girl pushing a button that shoots a self-guided missile into the bird. Suddenly the bird turns out to be her man's black raven, accompanying him everywhere, flying in front of him above his machine's nose, and the missile suddenly turns out to be so close before his eyes, appearing from right-below and following left-up before him, threatening to collide with him, that he gets panically scared and hardly succeeds changing his course in time to avoid the collision, urgently diving with his left side and nose down. Then we see him afraid, suspecting that the missile is still following him, and at the same time he has to care how not to crash into the forest trees. He gets into a state of insensitivity - all white-blue as ice, with an absolutely immovable face and untwinkling glassy eyes, like a robot. And out of conscious understanding and without unnecessary movements he several times makes split-S, aside and down, sharply cutting away from his path, then recovering the altitude again, etc, until the missile crashes into the ground. Then he, at last, stops in the air and lands vertically upon some more or less comfortable narrow glade between trees.

It seems, the danger's past, but he's still afraid: if the missile was destined just for him, then they'll probably shoot another one?.. Then, after looking all around several times and noticing no more missiles, he begins to relax in his machine and waits until his robot-like state passes, and exhaustedly lays his head (staying in his helmet) down upon the horizontal surface in front of him. And the girl, she is still more crazily shocked, up to swoon, - after he lands, she takes off her helmet with deathfear translation from his experiences and falls down upon a sofa squeezing her head with her hands, in a fixed position almost like dead.

He keeps on sitting numb in his helmet, the helmet is connected to his audio- video- psycho- recorder (AVPR) - device recording his feelings, - and after a while he begins to recall and emotionally realize what has happened to him, and feels a thrill more tangibly than he did during the very experience. The AVPR displays attacks of shock on its screen.

Then we see the girl again, her body begins to jerk sometimes in fever, and then she puts on her helmet, but now not for detecting - she begins to record her own current feelings on a new tape (or disc); impulsive flashes of fever in the form of pink flames go along the wire from her body to her AVPR, and regularly make the recording level outscale.

End V.11: We see somebody's hands in (big) yellow-grey gloves with claws, the right one on the yoke, the left one somewhere on a panel in a flying machine's cabin, on the person's head we see a yellow-grey mask of a skull face; then we see, this person in a black leather suit takes off the gloves, under them are female hands. (It's our girl). Coming out of the cabin, she throws the gloves down upon the ground, then takes off the skull mask, throws it down angrily too (no more deathfear games!!!), and with her open face (nice, but a bit tired & pale) and loose long hair, in a couple of steps out of the cabin she meets her man face to face, and looks into his eyes with love and thrill, asks his forgiveness for the dangers he had to pass, shyly comes closer to him, looks into his eyes, her cheeks suddenly grow red, he begins to lightly smile, and then she can't stand anymore, squeezes him in her arms and presses her head to his neck and bosom... The end.

(Sept,11/12,'95 +Nov.11,'96+'97).

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