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The Day I Trembled
Kundalini Snakebird
My Love
Me is
Sunset's Flash
Winter Bird
The Flood-1 (The Gap Of History)
The Flood-2

The Day I Trembled

Like a sweeping mirage you came, and I trembled
Through that hurry of days I couldn't handle
Like I suddenly knew what I was goin' to miss
And the crust of my time cracked into an abyss...

So ridiculous now, how I thought it could help
When I tried to run away from myself
Here we go, now I'm back while the time's far ahead
All I do is facing my same old thread

Or I lie to myself cause I do not remember
Many things since the day you were here and I trembled
And my carelessly spent consolation of time
Turned around and stroke again like a chime...

Confidential thrill, like I've never suppressed
My original will, your gentle caress
Involutionarily stuck in those days to recall
Thoughts of changing my past - now I'm out of control

And I'll drown in your eyes asking 'is it too late?'
You the rarest surprise in my weirdest fate
And the rivers you carry are dimmu and deep
As they wash me away so I cannot sleep...

I'm so thankful, I've found you, please don't disappear
So amazing, so fine, so sweet and dear -
Just believe me...
Just forgive me...


Kundalini Snakebird

Kundalini snakebird
Corridor of black
Kundalini planeboard
When will you be back?

Kundalini whirlrake
Fly across the land
Kundalini girlsnake
Bring to me my man

Crashed wings and bleaked flame
No one cares who was to blame
Reels of future on a slope
Is there any hope?

Kundalini snake of life
Come to steer my overdrive
Come to turn my motor on
The battle must be won

Black and winged Master
Fly and guide my friends
Don't accept disaster
Protect them till the end

Green and yellow Sunwheel
Spin and make your best
Make another fun deal
Energy and fest

Gliding on the flows of haze
'Bove red heat and fire
Throwing flames around the land
To find a way to you
I'm the bike you see ablaze
The car you call desire
I'm the plane you'll buy someday
And all the things you do

Can you see me in your streams
Barely like a snowflake
Kundalini bird of fire
Came and took my heart
What your memory redeems
With Kundalini glowsnake
Will we ever find the point
Where we fell apart?

Kundalini guided
By remote control
Kundalini blinded
Will we stand it all?

Kundalini ghostlake
Let us be
Kundalini birdsnake
Bring my love to me.

(1993 + 10 June 2006)


Rusty in the darkness
Metal of an airplane
Suddenly so conscious
Undercover swoon

Crashing like a sunblind
Pain of incarnation
Flashing everything so clear
And everything is done

Pain of glassy shatters
Patience of Earth black
Numbed in lust recalling
The feel of how it happened

Moment of eternity
Hardly fixed burstbreak
Sweaty cold in winter
And nasty sweet for memories

Grey and brown spotty
Slowly turns to oil black
Once to be discovered
New-born children's joy

Echoing in sun blind
Stopping time to gaze again
Soundless weird till happening
And never studied out

Deafness getting denser
Roar is an illusion
Noise unkept like waking up
To smash the hanging fear

Why surprised children
Strange is everything around
Tragic moment short enough
To recall forever.

Jan 9/10 + Mar.18, 1995


Rusty in the darkness
T'is my new discovery
Suddenly so conscious
Undercover swoon

Black and under pressure
World of crimes and catastrophes
Asphalt's wet and here I stand
From where my plane has flown...

Through a smog of sickness
For my wings to grow anew
For my flight to be seen by you
Will justice help me win?

Bare of all illusions
Crashed into the wall they've built
Something's changed and I'm here
To face what power means...

Dragons flying, dragons fighting
Theirs are armoured, ours are bare
Something's changed and I'm here
To see whose power wins...

To make it...

17 Sept. 1997 + 6 May 2005

My Love

My love is a black two-meter-winged bird
It asked you to send me a letter
My love got a dangerous needle-like sting
But loneliness is never better

And when you're sleeping in your bed and seeing dreams
Don't drive away a black-winged bird
And when you're making love, don't be afraid
To close your eyes and see
Who is the one you're holding in your arms
It's me.


Me is

Me is such a flyaway
When I'm up she's always here
When I'm down she flies to others
Me is such a flyaway

Me is such a hangabove
I can never stop her dreaming
She will always eat my diamonds
Me is such a hangabove

Me is such a runaround
She will always play my feelings
Twirl my way into a swoon
Me is such a runaround

Me is such a wish to live
She would never let me die
I'm so tired but she demands me
Me is such a wish to live

She is such a flyaway...



Hell is standing behind my back
Waiting for my order to attack
You can never shut me down or suppress my will
Out of my forehead I've got a drill
Raking up your energy, driving you to fear
All your dirty thoughts are seen now so clear
Nowhere to escape, this is my time
Me is the Master, to unearth your crime

Feeding on your time advantage
You intimidate us
But I see your cause of anguish
You sly-assed traitors
Just to tear your armour off
You're rotten to the bone
And you shall no longer scoff
When your masks are gone

I am armed with my devotion
Urged by my heart
By the fire of my emotion
You'll be torn apart

I've been in disaster, I catch at any straw
I am the Master... cause I've nowhere more to go

Hail Black Master, let your power abide with me.

(1 Mar 1993 + 06 May 2005)

Sunset's Flash

A shining blade
A flash of sunset sky
Could be your touch I would enjoy
Someday I'll die,
But not that much to let destroy
The time of being, the shape of winds
The circulation of purposes and means

Someday I'll reappear
When you behold
A sunset's glimpse in glass
Beyond your wall
Like your reflection
This life is no perfection
I'm no pretender
Just hope my eyes will reappear
Before you
When you are here
In some past November...

The sunset's flashing glass will spread that wide
And cross my heart when it's alright
To let me fly and not forget
The winds you move,
That tide me

The way I'd like to die
Is like the way I try to live
Afloat the echoes of your night
Carrying your red sun inside me....

3 June 2005


It's a sad state, but you hear no cry
Just transparently I fly
And transparently I come to embrace you
It's a sad state, and for you, I know,
But transparently I go
And transparently I wake up somewhere
In a yellow-white field
Pain begins to build
Where the light is so bright
So it burns out my sight
But transparently I can see
The world of silence between you and me
The world standing still, looks like senseless
No bird nor fish nor my arms can shear
Stoned in the river of glass here

Can't start moving
Can't start moving between you and me
But transparently I see
This glass is nothing that seems to be
The world
The world is nothing
The sky is senseless
The world is nothing
Moveless without you and me.

Silence is shouting at you and me
The world standing still that seems to be
The glass
The world stops moving
The current stops running
The glass stops turning
Helpless without you and me.

A DVDR of this life recorded...

...I'll do it much better, just give me another chance!!!

5 Oct. 2005

Winter Bird

It grows colder
Days becoming shorter
It grows dark and gloomy all around
And when the first snow lies down upon the ground
I'll breathe in the wind and take off one night,
And my yell will shake all the open air.
Cold wind comes down and binds your movements
Your faces are no longer smiling all around
Strange fears appear from behind your minds
And hell never leaves you
when you're coming home.

Swallowing your voices, like into a wooden box
Deafening your sounds, they collapse into dust
Concrete silence shuts down upon your heads
There's something you don't wanna imagine.
And then my yell bursts to a million howling winds
Cracks out as a wound, and they howl like wolves
Trembling with windows' glass, pain and separation
Shivering as scare and helplessness.

I'm heavy, black and slow, I rarely say a word
Ain't playing like a child, I open my eyes
And my eyes, open wide, you'll see them full of Hell
See them and be numbed like Eternity
As funnels they grow, as catapults they shoot
Spitting out a million blood-hungry black birds
Screaming like bursting out from inside the Earth
A piercing shriek with million echoes.

And I take off slowly with icy winds
Take off on my wings,
Take off so heavy and black.


The Flood-1 (The Gap Of History)

Oh, my well was black
And its end unseen
And I dived to track
The core of my dream

To connect it with yours
On the other side
Cause I felt so dispersed
Through the ways I tried

And my desperate tears
Ran to flood the abyss
Of my broken years
And the fortunes I'd missed

Which were bleeding there
So incurably lost
And I was aware
Of my history's cost

So I couldn't cheat
Myself in this pain
And the summer heat
Turned to hailing rain

And wherever I went
Were electric storms
That would force me to land
While I felt so forlorn

And the flood grew purple
Up to the skies
When I looked at the world
With empty black eyes...

Tell me please where to swim
To reach your shore?
In this blurry stream
I can't see anymore...

I would cling to a stone
And feel all right
Just to not be alone
Just to look in your eyes...

8-2006 + 01-07-2007

The Flood-2

Oh, the canyon was deep
And its bottom unseen
As I dived to seep
To the core of my dream

To connect it with yours
Cause I otherwise felt
Like not seeing my course
And losing myself

And the tears I shed
Were to reach the shore
That I've never had
Never touched before

And I saw red blood
In the canyon's depth
And the rising flood
Came to blur my steps

While your rolling waves
That I used to hear
Like a crimson embrace
Through the atmosphere

Were so pleasant to me
And they beckoned me there
Between cliffs in a sea
Between water and air...

But the flood grew purple
From rains falling down
And the cliffs in the water
Almost drowned

From a similar colour
And similar place
Came the chaos' horror
And your grace

And I saw some black souls
Sinking to Hell
With their shattering growls
I lost my well

It grew too much wide
And I lost all controls
On the rising tide
That dissolved my walls...

I'm still keeping afloat
With my love for you
Would you send me a boat
Tell me what I should do?

Cause the ocean gets cruel
When I am weak
Will I have enough fuel
To reach your peak?

To your mirraging top
I'm trying to get
I don't wanna stop
I don't wanna forget
Cause I've found you
Cause I saw you...
Please BE.

(2006-10-24 + 2007-02-08)

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