SEEDS OF DEATH (1992-1993)


Spots in my eyes
I ask the skies
Why am I here
Why am I - I
No more pretence
As if there's a chance
Waiting for me
Gonna set me free

Let my soul fly away
Let me find you today
Wanna touch you wherever you are

Black sky red sun
Are you the one
Really the one
I can't live without

No more escape
This is the way
The way I exist
U-until I break

Let me disappear
Take me outta here
Do you ask me the way
I don't wanna stay

Let my soul fight and stand
Never born here again
Never live again in this land
Maybe then I will embrace you (2)
Maybe then, maybe then... embrace you

No more instead
Around your head
Around your shoulders
I'll wind and spin

You'll feel my touch
I'll give you as much
As I could waste
If I lived on here

Let me die disappear
Let me fly outta here
Let me find you wherever you are

Maybe then I will embrace you (2)
Maybe then, maybe then... embrace you



Flick my eyes the truth of season
I was searching for the reason
What a wind is out of treason
Treason of my open door

In the mirror of your wisdom
Visions of the distant kingdom
Mirage of existent freedom
Quoth the Raven 'Nevermore'

Oh I don't thank my mother for the duty to live
There are so many many ways and none to believe
Just realizing all my actions out of control
Oh I don't need it all, I don't need it at all

And let them choke down my soul of evil and pain
If I never can give it whom I wish to remain
The only thing I suppose is that I won't get to feel
That any pain is real, I wouldn't get to feel

Time is flowing down the river
Wind is blowing out my fever
Sweeps away the will of Giver
Giver of forgotten Lore

What is up to any liver
Were it good or were it evil
Take me back my only river
River meaning nevermore

Cross the river
Coming from the days of Yore
Cross the river
River meaning nevermore
Cross the river
Anything I did before
Cross the river
Treason of my open door
Cross the river
Oh, Giver of forgotten Lore
Cross the river
I'm starin' at the other, starin' at the other shore
Cross the river...
The river...
Listen to the Raven, listen to the
Raven, Listen to the Raven croaking nevermore...
(Do it)
I was searching for the reason
What a wind is out of treason...
(Do it)
Anything I did before...
Treason of my open door...


As the life goes on
Can you see me alone
With my dreams of unreal
And broken memories of gone

In the dead of my night
It's my only delight
If you ever come here
And sense my fear
And win my fight

Oh what you're doing to me
You don't know but I've nowhere to hide
You never setting me free
Just a dream I got burning inside

Let me be your prey
(Come and take my life)
Let me be your prey
(All without a strife)
(All without a strife)

Now my look is so blind
At the sky in my mind
Seeing only a crack
And no way back
I've left behind

It's the heart you can steal
If you make it all real
Would you think it's so strange
No one can change
The way I feel

Oh what you've done to my life
Never knowing that I am here
Oh shall I ever survive
To the moment I'll see you near
Let me be your prey
(Heart that you can steal)
Let me be your prey
(Best that I can feel)
(Wanna get you real)


Let me be your prey...
The heart you can steal
Come and make it real...


Let me fall into illusion
Dreaming how I'll see you real
Woken by your sweet intrusion
At the moment never used to feel

Safest shadow in the light of day
Brightest sun into the night
Let the memory of you remain
'Bove the clouds of my heart so high

When I dare to look into your eyes
Something drives me out of time
Tell me what I have to sacrifice
For the only day to make you mine

Life is never out of danger
Love is on for evermore
Please don't take me for a stranger
Even if you ain't seen me before

Something in your eyes reflects me and leaves me to blame
Somewhere you abide like you wanna play with me your game
Would you
Would you ever come out real from a photograph
Do you do you laugh?

Can you ever feel me
Such a crazy dream
Calls me
Such a crazy stream

Can it lead to you
Everything you play
Everything you say
Only you can change my mind
Oh do you know
All I wanna get is just a memory of you

Sometimes it's so hard to pass thro' this fire and stay
Sometimes it calls me to live to defend you one day
Can I
Can I ever do anything, anything for you
Can I make it thro'?..

Let me fall into illusion
Let me dream it's comin' true
Breakin' walls of my confusion
For the only memory of you

Everything I used to understand
Everything you used to play
Will it ever drop a star to my hand
Will it let me see the way

Look again it's like a wonder
Thrilling me as if it's real
Won't you stay a little longer
With the touch I never used to feel

Let me fall into illusion
To call your name as you appear
Here inside of my seclusion
Far beyond so many wasted years...


Don't you tell me your marmalade lies
About the living in paradise
I saw heaven, I saw hell
I tasted what I think is very well

And it's not your cesspool for innocent souls
It's not your shadowless light over all
It's just the pleasure that you call a sin
It's just the feeling when I want to win

All I need is to get into Satan's Favour
'Cos I know that only the strong survives
All I need is to get into Satan's Favour
Thro' all my lives, thro' all my lives

Don't tell me about the punishment
About sinners, about sacraments
The sinner is the one who invented this world
And he takes your strength when you pray for Lord

Energy comes to the evil and strong
It'll never wait for you all life long
And if you waste all your time in vain
You'll never repeat this moment again

All you need is to get into Satan's Favour
'Cos you know that only the strong survives
All you need is to get into Satan's Favour
Thro' all your lives, thro' all your lives

I don't need your fucking paradise
Don't you tell me your marmalade lies
I'm gonna steal your energy and make my love
Laughing at you all when I'm higher above

And don't you say that you're better than me
You also wanna steal everything you see
Look at rich priests, are not they thieves
Look at hungry crowds drowned in belief

All they need is to get into Satan's Favour
Don't they know that only the strong survives
All they need is to get into Satan's Favour
Thro' all their lives, thro' all their lives


Always dreaming of a chance to meet you
Always warming to one land on the Earth
I'm not joking nor tryin' to cheat you
Well my friend I got a misplaced birth

There are ones who say that home is better
There are ones who say they wanna die
There are ones who say they know the matter
Just the same they don't remember why

Oh, oh, I don't remember why,
Was it the best one chance
I could take for living on the Earth
Oh, oh, why couldn't I get close to you
See it's late now
Cryin' of the misplaced birth

Speakin' every day this country's language
Better I'd remember only yours
But I'm tied within this brutal land which
Gives no mercy for a pure remourse

What was I before this incarnation
What was I in my previous life
If I couldn't get no salvation
Just the same I don't remember why


Yes I used to feel blast and pleasure
And I'd really love to live on this Earth
But I found where was my only treasure
Just to cry about my misplaced birth

Now I think about the price of the ticket
Now I think about the years gone by
Was I ever so damned and wicked
Just the same I don't remember why



Remember them, how they spoke of justice
How they preached that the God would help
Never fought to be genuine masters
They just tried to console themselves

They said we're lonely
And going different ways
Now we're the only
Ones who remained

We're touching the wind
That took them forever
Touching the wind
Of cold empty heaven
Touching the wind
That's blown by the Devil
And carried them away

Remember them, praising no resistence
Told about doing only good
What's the trace left of their existence
They ain't done a half of what they could

Maybe they would
Say they're feeling alright
But they'll scarcely
Find again what they lost in life



- Always broken forever burning
Always dying forever strong
Tell me why my life becomes
The greatest pain of all your songs

Who will stand and carry on tomorrow
All the hell you spread around
To touch the flame with no more blame
And rise again off the ground

- For the last survivor
I am singing my song
For the last survivor
I will wait so long
For the last survivor

- Shine of glory and the eyes of sorrow
Over something you sacrificed
What a strength is in your hands
Takin' all by surprise

Everyone who feels about the end
Is going back to their native place
The past is dead, the hell's ahead
Who'll be ready to face?