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Seeds Of Death
Death Of Seeds


1. Intro SOD mp3pro
2. Maybe Then mp3pro
3. Cross The River mp3pro
4. Let Me Be Your Prey mp3pro
5. Let Me Fall Into Illusion mp3pro
6. Get Into Satan's Favour mp3pro
7. Misplaced Birth mp3pro
8. Touching The Wind mp3pro
9. For The Last Survivor mp3pro

  Recorded in 1992 at Headake Records


mp3pro 1. Intro DOS
mp3pro 2. Impossible When
mp3pro 3. Sail Along
mp3pro 4. You're Gonna Say My Love Is Evil
mp3pro 5. Face The Truth
mp3pro 6. Cruel Hands Of God
mp3pro 7. Good Place For Death
mp3pro 8. Closing The Window
mp3pro 9. For The First One Who Will Die
mp3pro 10. bonus track: Cruel Hands Of God - American version

Recorded in 1993 at Headake Records

Both albums mixed in 1993 at Headake Records Studio

band photo 1997

Hella - keyboards, vocals, percussion
Lexy F - lead synth on 'For The Last Survivor', 'Cross The River', 'For The First One Who Will Die', second vocal on 'Cross The River', additional keyboards & percussion on 'Seeds...', vocal, lead synth & arrangement on the American version of 'Cruel Hands...'
All songs by Hella.
Arranged by Hella & Lexy F. Engineered by Lexy F & Hella.

Spiritual influences and references:
Edgar Allan Poe - quotation(s) on 'Cross The River' ("Quoth the Raven: "Nevermore") lead inspirations on '...Love Is Evil' & 'Closing The Window'
Marc Bolan - lead inspirations on 'Sail Along'
Jay Vance (1965-1988) - subliminal messages on 'Cross The River' ("Do it")
Ray Belknap (1967-1985) - subliminal messages on 'Cross The River' ("Do it")
Cat Judas (1990-1995) - British Black male cat with yellow-green eyes
Treason Master - general conditions
Illustration © 1995+... Hella
DEATHFEAR Records is a trademark of Hella
Headake Records is a trademark of Lexy F
(p) 1993 / © 1995 DEATHFEAR Records
(p) 1993 / © 1995 Headake Records